May Newsletter 2020

Sara and Jason

When Times Get Tough, Families Count On You

A broken refrigerator was all it took for Sara and Jason to go under. They had just spent all their money on groceries when their refrigerator broke and they lost all their food. With no money left, they weren’t sure what they were going to do.

“It was really tight,” Jason says.

Thankfully the family found their way to a Regional Food Bank partner agency for help stretching their budget and getting the food they needed.

“We don’t have extravagant things,” Sara says. “That’s just the rent and diapers and all the things that we need. It basically saves us. We might be able to spend maybe $10 or $15 a week on food. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have food.”

Currently, Jason works in software development to support them and their 14-month-old son, Phillip, while Sara is completing her college degree in law. She’s hoping that once she graduates, she’ll be able to work full-time.

But until then, the couple is extremely grateful for the assistance friends like you provide through your support of the Regional Food Bank.

“It’s so helpful. I don’t really know what we would do without it,” Sara says.

Thank you for helping families like Sara and Jason’s when times are tough. Please consider giving a generous gift to help other families going through tough times.


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