May Newsletter 2020


Nutritious Food Is a Priority for Families

Although Maria’s husband works hard, it’s still difficult for their family to make ends meet on his income.

“My husband, he’s doing his best trying to work, trying to make things meet,” Maria explains. “I’m diabetic, and my medicine costs a lot, so a lot of our money goes to that, and then rent and our car.”

While the family receives government assistance to cover some of their food expenses, it isn’t always enough to last the whole month.

Luckily, Maria is able to come to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and receive the nutritious food her family needed thanks to friends like you. And she’s very grateful for the food they receive, especially the fresh produce and meat. Because of her diabetes, good nutrition for her family is a priority for Maria.

“They need vegetables,” she says. “It’s so sad when you look at your children and you’re like, ‘They’ve hardly eaten vegetables this week.’”

Thank you for helping families like Maria’s when they need it most. If you can, please give a generous gift today to help even more families in need of food. Thank you!


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