May Newsletter 2020


Helping Families Get Through the Summer

Fontain and her husband work hard to raise their children and provide for them. But despite their efforts, the family still has a difficult time covering all of their expenses. Her husband works as a truck driver, but his income doesn’t always stretch far enough.

During the school year, Fontain’s children receive food from their school’s lunch program, but during the summer, it’s more challenging to make ends meet. That’s why Fontain is so grateful for the food they receive from the Regional Food Bank.

“It helps out a lot,” she says. “The kids love everything they get from here. It’s like their birthday when I get to take all this stuff home. I can’t wait to see their faces when they get home.”

To friends like you who make the Regional Food Bank possible, Fontain says, “I appreciate them and what they do. It’s amazing.”

Thank you for helping families like Fontain’s make it through the summer months when school lunch programs aren’t available. You can help provide nutritious meals for families like Fontain’s this summer with a gift today. Thank you!


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