May Newsletter 2020

Smith Family

Urgent Relief for a Family in Need

After moving to the area from across the country, the Smith family didn’t have a car and was staying in a motel with their 14-month-old daughter, Jericho. They had very little money and had run out of food and diapers for their daughter.

They were so desperate that they were using makeshift “diapers” out of sanitary napkins and paper towels. Their situation was dire. They knew they needed help — and fast.

That’s when they made the decision to walk to Infant Crisis Services — a partner of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma — for assistance, despite the nearly 100-degree temperatures that day.

It took them about an hour and 40 minutes to make the trip, but when they finally got there, sweaty and exhausted, they were so glad they had done it.

Thanks to supporters like you, the Smith family was able to receive food, diapers and other necessities they needed.

Through your support, not only are you providing families with the nutritious food they need, but you’re also providing a much-needed sense of relief. Please consider giving another family relief with a generous gift today. Thank you.


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