May Newsletter 2020

Meals on Wheels

Acts of kindness in times of crisis

As the pandemic continues to cause an unprecedented need for emergency food in our community, your support is filling emergency food boxes that are being distributed by our partners across the state, like Ending Hunger OKC’s Meals on Wheels program.

One volunteer recently told us, “We believe in serving others, and dropping off these boxes is such an easy act of kindness curing the coronavirus outbreak.”

Another program you’re supporting is the Tillman County Food Bank in Frederick, who says they are overwhelmed with gratitude at your generosity. Juliane Whitworth, the director of the food bank told us that her town is seeing an incredible need right now with the closing of a factory and area restaurants. The free food boxes you’re helping us provide means the world to the people in this town. “It is a miracle for us,” says Juliane. “You can’t truly understand the magnitude of this gift to us in ‘small town rural America’. Thank you just isn’t enough!”

Your support is making an incredible difference in these difficult times. Please continue to give if you can. Thank you!


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