I’m Very Blessed by the People Who Help Us.

Amber is a single mom to five children, all under the age of 11. She does her best to provide for her family. But as food prices have risen, she’s turned to Regional Food Bank to help make ends meet.

“Food is so expensive now,” Amber says. “Before, I was buying a lot more food but it was cutting into my electricity and gas bills, and we definitely need to have those things running.”

Thanks to generous friends like you who support the Regional Food Bank, Amber now receives assistance with food and doesn’t worry as much about her utilities.

“I normally just come in for food at the end of the month,” Amber says. “It makes an amazing difference, and I’m very blessed by the people who help us. I’m so appreciative because I try really hard to take care of my kids, and this does help.”

Thank you for helping moms like Amber so their children won’t go hungry.

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