Children Are Receiving the Food They Need to Survive … and Thrive

The food you provide hungry children is about much more than just survival. Through your support, you’re ensuring children receive nourishment that is critical to their overall development during their childhood years.

Studies show that children from homes without consistent access to food are more likely to experience development impairments in areas like language, motor skills and behavior. And they’re more likely to have lower test scores and repeat grades.

Here are just some of the ways you are reaching at-risk children through your support.

Summer Feeding Program
You help provide meals to children during the summertime, when school is not in session.
Summer Feeding Program
Every Friday during the school year, elementary school children receive backpacks filled with nutritious, kid-friendly, nonperishable food. This helps sustain them over weekends and school holidays.
Kids Café
You help reach children with food, tutoring and other care after school and during the summer months.
School Pantry
Your generosity helps stock on-campus pantries so students can take groceries home after school and for the weekends.

Your gift today will be a huge help to at-risk children during the summer months, when there are no school meal programs. Thank you for your generosity!

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