March Newsletter 2020


Seniors Facing Hardships Have One Less Thing to Worry About

After being released from jail, Otis had nowhere to go. He struggled with homelessness and even had to live on the streets for a period of time.

Fortunately, Otis was able to get help with housing, and while his current living situation is better than it was, he’s still facing difficult times. Because he’s living with COPD, high blood pressure and heart disease, Otis isn’t able to work — and that means he often isn’t able to afford the food he needs to maintain his health.

That’s where friends like you come in. Once a month, Otis visits the BritVil Community Pantry, a Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma partner, and says it helps him a lot.

“This place here is warm. These people are awesome,” he says.

Before Otis was able to receive help, there were many times when he had to go without food. But with the help of friends like you, Otis is often able to make the food he gets stretch for the whole month.

Thank you for helping seniors like Otis get the nutritious food they need. Your support goes a long way to help Oklahomans who are facing difficult times. Thank you!


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