Your Help Is a Blessing for a Grandma Raising Six Children

At an age when most people are slowing down and taking life easier, Elizabeth has had to step up and assume the responsibility of raising her own grandchildren.

“My daughter was on drugs,” this single grandma explains.

There are six grandchildren, ages 5 to 17. It takes a lot of work … and a lot of food. But for the past two years, friends like you have offered a helping hand to Elizabeth and her family. She comes to the Moore Food and Resource Center for the fresh fruit and other food her family needs to make it to the end of the month.

“I only come once a month,” Elizabeth says. “We get food stamps, but the last week of the month, that’s when I need it. We can make it till then.”

“If we didn’t have it, I don’t know what we would do,” she adds. “I don’t know how people get by without things like this.”

Elizabeth is grateful for the food she can bring home to her family. And she’s grateful for friends like you — the kindhearted, caring people who make the Regional Food Bank possible.

“It’s been a blessing,” Elizabeth says of the program. “This has provided for us. Thank God it has.”

Sadly, these days more grandparents are having to raise their grandchildren. Your kind support helps ensure that they don’t have to do it alone.

Your gifts to the Regional Food Bank ease the burden for so many of our seniors who are struggling more in their golden years than they ever thought possible. You’re truly touching lives, and we’re very thankful!

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