Keith Lost Everything, but Not His Hope — Thanks to You

“I’m 64 years old,” Keith says. “And I’m doing pretty good.”

Speak to Keith for just a few minutes, and you’ll realize he’s an optimist by nature. But things haven’t been easy for him, especially during the last few years.

That was when his health gave out … followed by his financial security.

“I got on disability due to diabetes,” he recalls. “I was in and out of the hospital.” Ultimately, his savings and resources disappeared. “I lost everything,” he says.

Today, you can see the hope in Keith’s eyes. But you can also see the hardship he faces.

“I’ve got bills, I’ve got medications and stuff that costs money,” he says. “I’m on disability and making $7.25 an hour, for 20 hours a week. I need help.”

Thankfully, Keith can count on you to deliver that help. Twice a month, he comes to the food pantry at Reaching Our City in Oklahoma City. There, Keith can get the food he needs — making it possible for him to afford his prescriptions and other essentials.

Keith finds the program remarkable. “It is a tremendous outpouring of good will for the good people of Oklahoma that need food,” he declares.

When asked what he would say to friends like you — good people who help keep the Regional Food Bank running — Keith smiles. “The same thing I say all the time … how much I thank them and how blessed I feel, and how much they help me.”

Thank you for always thinking of the seniors and others in central and western Oklahoma who need help putting food on the table. Please remember, right now your gift to help neighbors like Keith will double, so please give as generously as you can!

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