A Senior Thanks You for Your Kindness

After working at the same company for 27 years, Joanne, 78, was looking forward to retirement. But the taxes on her retirement savings and Social Security income were so high, she was left with barely enough to cover all her essentials.

Fortunately for Joanne, there are caring friends like you. Your kind support of the Regional Food Bank makes it possible for her to go to the Reaching Our City Food Pantry every two weeks. Here, she gratefully receives a variety of nutritious food.

It’s help that means so much to Joanne. If she didn’t have this resource available, she wouldn’t have a retirement at all.

“I just would have to go to work,” she says. “I’m retired … but I would have to go to work.”

Supporters like you ensure that seniors like Joanne can enjoy their golden years. By stepping in to provide that extra help that so many of our struggling neighbors need, you make sure hungry people have food to eat, and you make our community a more caring and compassionate place.

“This is a very good cause,” Joanne says. “It helps a lot of people. The food bank is doing a wonderful job. I believe that they’re helping everyone that needs to be helped.”

Your gifts mean nutritious food for someone who needs help. And right now, our Senior Match Campaign will turn every dollar you give into two dollars to feed even more of our seniors and others in need. Please take advantage of this opportunity to multiply the impact of your generosity!

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