One senior student has been working to support his sick mother for 40 hours per week after school. On his first visit he started crying, telling me how much this means to him that people he doesn't even know care about him.

I was just really upset and nervous.  All I could think was it is really going to do some damage. Our house will be gone; my kids are in that school and they're going to be hurt. You just feel helpless; you can't do anything but sit and wait. Luckily, I heard on Facebook through a friend that the Food Bank was here, and I was able to come here. You have just really helped us out. It's been a big, big blessing. Thank you so much.

A student recently moved in with her grandmother who is on disability. Money is very tight. The weekend food has helped the grandmother provide for this child and relieved a little of the burden.

If I don't eat I sit down, I feel very hungry, and sometimes I fall asleep. It's because the hunger goes to my tummy and I feel lazy and it makes me fall asleep. I wouldn't learn anything because I would be so tired. They always feed us and they always give us drinks, and they put it in a sack.