Cause Marketing  


The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is fortunate to have many cause-marketing partners who have helped to raise both funds and awareness to help fight hunger in Oklahoma. 

For a complete list of current cause marketing partnerships, click here


How to get Started 

Contact Austin Prickett, Marketing Manager, at or call 405.604.7113 to discuss your cause marketing plan.


  • The Regional Food Bank assumes no responsibility or liability for cause marketing promotions or events run by third parties. This includes: fulfilling sponsorship requests, refunds due to cancellations, paying or providing invoices, and/or providing special event or liquor licenses. 

Important details

  • The Regional Food Bank cannot assume responsibility for online ticket sales through its website .
  • The Regional Food Bank will not assume responsibility for soliciting or collecting sponsorship fees for cause marketing events/promotions run by a third party.
  • The Regional Food Bank is not responsible for obtaining licenses or attending planning meetings for third party events.
  • The Regional Food Bank does not rent, sell or share its internal list of donors, volunteers and supporters.
  • The Regional Food Bank, while it appreciates all offers of support and the opportunity to participate in a variety of cause-marketing campaigns, has taken the position that it will refrain from any partnerships related to promoting or encouraging the sale of tobacco or tobacco related products.
  • Per IRS guidelines, the Regional Food Bank cannot “endorse” the sponsor’s brand/product or provide a “call to action” that causes financial benefits to the sponsors.
  • Staff and/or volunteer presence at an event is not guaranteed and is determined on a case-by-case basis, which may be related to revenue and/or exposure.
  • The Regional Food Bank reserves the right to audit the sponsoring organization’s books and records related to the event (especially if event expenses exceed 50 percent).


If you have any questions, please contact Austin Prickett at or call 405.604.7113.


All Cause Related Marketing Campaign partners are expected to generate publicity for the campaign through purchased or in-kind media and any/all social media outlets available to them. To support your efforts while balancing our own limited staff resources, the Regional Food Bank is able to provide varying levels of assistance based on the level of campaign benefit: 


DONATION OF $1,000 – $9,999

DONATION OF $10,000+



All rights, title and interest in its marks shall at all times remain with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. The Regional Food Bank reserves the right to approve, in advance, the use of any artwork associated with the promotion. All media and marketing materials must be approved by the Regional Food Bank.


The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma respects the privacy of its donors. For all cause-marketing programs, we cannot share our mailing list or send mail to constituents on behalf of third parties. We encourage other means of promotion with appropriate use of the Regional Food Bank name/logo according to the levels above.


If you have any questions, contact Austin Prickett at or call 405.604.7113.