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Hunger 101

Hunger 101 is a curriculum that will educate students from all backgrounds on local hunger issues and empower them to take part in fighting hunger in Oklahoma.

The curriculum includes:

  • Pass Skill/Core Standard aligned activities
  • Supplemental worksheets that reinforce principles from the activities
  • A variety of teacher resources

The curriculum is an excellent companion to a food/fund drive or service learning, or can be used as a stand-alone exercise. 

If you have any questions or comments about this curriculum, or would like to schedule a guest speaker or field trip with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, please contact Denice Hurlbut at 405-600-3160 or dhurlbut@regionalfoodbank.org.

Activities for 3rd - 5th grade 

Worksheets for 3rd - 5th grade 

Activities for 6th - 12th grade 

The 6th - 12th grade activities have been adapted from Alameda County Community Food Bank’s hunger education curriculum.

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