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Take Action

One in four children in Oklahoma is at risk for hunger. More than 675,000 Oklahomans are struggling with hunger and we need your help to provide them with one of life's most basic necessities – food. Whether you are an individual who wants to help, or a company looking for a charitable partnership, you can be sure your donations are always utilized efficiently and effectively to help those in need.


The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is the state's largest private hunger relief organization. Our administrative and fundraising costs are less than 4%, so you can be assured that 96 cents of every dollar donated is going to feed the hungry. Learn how you can donate funds and more.


Helping can be as easy as sending an email or a letter! Check out the Advocacy page to learn what you can do to stand up against hunger in Oklahoma.


Each day, hunger is experienced in every community in this state. In fact, the Regional Food Bank provides enough food to feed more than 90,000 people every week in 53 central and western Oklahoma counties. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our work – saving the Food Bank time and labor so that we can feed more hungry Oklahomans. Sign up to volunteer.

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